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Factors influencing the service life of the LED lamp

Adddate:2016-5-19    Hits:1187

LED lamp bead is the base point, lamp bead is load, is like a car body, the power supply to the engine, it can provide the power, the two together as a whole, but there is a structure, including cooling section, this is just a rough definition, also needs to have cover configuration.

a degree of the operation of lamps and lanterns also depends on the surrounding environment, friends for a fluorescent lamp let me today to analyze what are the pros and cons, I saw, this lamp is very heavy, is his own mould, that year also pay a lot of cost, T10/1.2 m 27 w power, brightness is not high, there are about 1200 lm, I asked the lamp bead is 3014, the two power supply, and has the UL certification.

this lamp although a lot of cost, but there is no well, is too worried at the time, not in the market forecast and examination. The power is failure, cause certain degree of economic losses, became a decoration.

the power if do bad is the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of failure, and the power supply when the supply voltage caused by poor contact lamp bead damage, then the surge voltage can not be ignored, because in this time of instantaneous high pressure can reach more than kv, we can use some of the high sensitivity of the convex wave absorber to measure (varistor), fuse will burst out in front of, by its in a case with perceptual load is sensitive.

some people say that life of electrolysis is decided to the life of the power supply, this argument is unwarranted, our previous is an example of the television, with twenty years is no problem, generally the electrolytic bad proportion is very small, less than 1%. 2000 hours in the electrolysis is one of the best, why will use for so many years, we design the power supply, the electrolytic capacity has some cushion, electrolysis is gradually reducing, the capacity of the water dry up the inside of the amine capacity would lose, now electrolysis are seal is sealed, so life is very long, and we are all with a longer service life of electrolysis, now the quality of domestic electrolytic also came up, life also catch up with and surpass that of the foreign product