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LED ceiling lamp application in engineering knowledge

Adddate:2016-6-14    Hits:4012

LED ceiling compared to traditional ceiling, lower power, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, obvious energy saving effect, low maintenance cost, high safety coefficient. Yu home lighting will share with you below how to decorate in the family or commercial lighting engineering more scientific and more harmonious use of LED ceiling lamp.

distance between LED ceiling lamps and lighting needs to calculate the number of lamps and lanterns is as follows:

1) on = 2 m, L = 2 m, = 2 m. Exposure height = 25 x lamps and lanterns is the distance from the wall, which illuminate height is 25 times the distance of the lamps and lanterns is away from the wall.

2) lighting power density for l ~ 5 w/rri2. Lamps and lanterns = total power by irradiation area x (1 ~ 5) below. Lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns number = total power/single lamp power.

installation note

1) the location of the installation of lamps and lanterns must be large enough to bear ability, which should be able to withstand more than 10 times the drive quality.

2) working power supply for alternating current (ac), lamps and lanterns should be far away from the crowd easy to hit, and disposal of the grounding of lamps and lanterns, must ground wire.

3) cable connectors waterproof and moistureproof, when installation should be fixed coil tighten on the connector, check the female connector end with a waterproof aprons, the aprons can guarantee the connectors have good waterproof performance.

4) pay attention to the connect the power cord and signal lines, if the signal lines connected to the mains causes lamps burn out. Due to the power of lamps and lanterns is larger, the cord should be based on the actual power to choose the appropriate power cord, and the split phase power supply.

the correct installation and use of LED ceiling lamp, is the first step to ensure safety, in use process if you need help, please consult our after-sales service department, thank you for using yu home lighting products.