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LED ceiling lamp power requirements

Adddate:2016-6-14    Hits:3786

LED days lanterns are made with mains power supply, so the power must be mains ac input, English called Off - Line, generally used to call the utility power supply. LED ceiling light grid type power supply of the basic indicators are as follows:

1) power supply output power: power and the size of LED ceiling lamp must be matching, power of the radiator to enough long enough, so as to meet the demand of heat dissipation.

2) power efficiency: general isolation type in 80% ~ 85, 010, the isolation type is around 90%.

3) power supply power factor (PF) : do not add PF correction in 0.55 ~ 0.6, plus PF correction in 0.9 ~ 0. 99.

the LED drive power supply is mainly divided into isolation and the isolation type two kinds, is refers to the load is isolated from line 220 v. Generally speaking, the isolated because they don't need transformer, so the cost is low, but it requires the aluminum plate pressure is high, the radiator could be charged otherwise. It is not easily through the safety inspection. Isolation type is safer, easier by safety, but the cost is high.

LED ceiling lamp assembly process matters needing attention in the

1) thermal conductive silicone coating can't spread to PCB soldering plate, thermal conductive silicone coating evenly, to pay attention to the cleaning of workbench face when working, cannot be thermal conductive silicone drop in working mesa.

2) don't run into when manual welding on the PCB thermal conductivity silicone grease, soldering iron welding temperature not to exceed the LED welding temperature and welding time. Pay attention to the solder joint quality and appearance of the welding, pay attention to the LED lamp bead and PCB "+", "one" welding line, do not reverse.

3) by adjusting the parameters of the constant current power supply current, voltage power supply, don't overload test, the test pen point on the PCB connect power on the "+", "one", it is strictly prohibited to short circuit or the power supply LED overload test.

4) thermal conductive silicone can't block the screw hole.

5) to fully lock screw PCBA thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of PCB panel, thermal conductivity silicone grease dirt PCB surface.

6) power supply "+", "one" solder connection don't reverse, red wire is "+", black wire is "one", the manual welding can't burn the LED lamp bead, there cannot be a welding or short circuit/break phenomenon.