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Car Exhibition

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The visual effect of more powerful

In the modern all kinds of commercial lighting, lighting showrooms and auto 4 s shop lighting lighting design requirements are higher.Car as a high-grade consumer goods, the price is higher, and bulky goods, customers get more respect and honor when the choose and buy,So the car store lighting design is very important.The showroom as a place for car brand and cultural features,The lighting design to let customers can see clear, the shape and contour of the car and can see the interior of the car,Create a streamline contours and details clearly, stereo feeling and the texture excellent car image,At the same time build a clear, the leisure, comfortable space for tasting, customer experience

Experience pleasant space

Minimalist style lamps and lanterns and the organic combination of modern exhibition hall tectonic elements, and exhibition hall style be in harmony are an organic whole, build visual comfortable, modern breath dense atmosphere, the visual experience of pure and fresh, feel comfortable space for the customer.